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About Us

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Timeless Skin Spa offers exceptional permanent makeup, paramedical tattooing, skin care and other advanced clinical spa services in a boutique style atmosphere. Los Gatos is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just a few miles south of San Jose.

Our dedication to our specialties and personalized customer care, ensures you quality, expert procedures.
We offer effective skin care products including Timeless Skin (manufactured for us, tested by us).

Our pigments-(made in the USA) used for permanent makeup procedures are of highest quality and are FDA approved colorants. We personally know our vendors and have ongoing relationships with them.

Our Mission

We believe that beauty should be timeless, not time-consuming. We pride in creating personalized, safe and effective procedures each time you visit. If you are a skin care client or use our products we will ensure that your home care regime is successful in achieving beautiful, healthy skin.

Our permanent cosmetics and skin care professionals embody high education standards…not because they are required to, but rather because they are committed to excellence in their craft.

What You Can Expect

You will enter a comfortable boutique setting where you are valued at a personal level. Everything we do aims to sincerely give you a positive, uplifting experience through our quality services and products. We want our clients to feel that they found a special place, something unique, something personal, something real.

Jill Hoyer

Jill Hoyer, is the founder-owner of Timeless Skin Spa and has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

Jill started her beauty career off with an esthetics background and for more than 15 years, she has dedicated herself to the permanent makeup industry including researching, writing articles, speaking, and training. As a renowned artist, she continues her personal education, refines her multitude of techniques and takes advantage of the best devices, colors and needle technology available today.

Permanent MakeupPermanent Makeup

Audra Stoneking

Audra Stoneking has drawn on more than 20 years of skincare perfection at Timeless Skin Spa since 1999.  As a life-long skin enthusiast, her approach is one that encompasses all of the technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch.

Audra attended Just for Your Health Massage School (1998), San Jose City College Esthetics program (1999) and became Level 2 certified in Reiki (2010). She continues to keep abreast with the ever evolving world of skincare.

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Our Professionals

Jill Hoyer

Which services Jill provide

Jill says, “As an artist, working with design, color and making a difference in the lives of others everyday is very fulfilling. Jill’s specialized trainings in permanent makeup has given her the ability to work on a diverse clientele.

She says, “what permanent makeup can do for clients is amazing, especially in the cases where clients have lost eyelashes or eyebrow hair due to stress, aging, hormones or cancer.”

Jill also receives referrals by local plastic surgeons for areola restoration, which is an important step after a client has been through breast cancer and is in the final stages of reconstruction.

Jill’s extensive background in esthetics and product knowledge background led her to create the private label line “Timeless Skin”, which is exclusive to Timeless Skin Spa. Jill says, “The research choosing the products to represent our skin care line has been challenging, but the reward is that our clients simply love the products….they work!”

As a business owner, Jill is devoted that each client receives a “timeless experience”.

Amongst her many interests, Jill enjoys running, spending time with family, traveling and researching the latest in the industry.


Permanent Makeup

Audra Stoneking

Which services Audra provide

Audra’s hands-on experience as both a skin care expert and massage therapist, is a great advantage to our clients. During this time she also worked at Touch of Perfection Laser and Cosmetics Group. Being exposed to the medical side of esthetics sparked her passion for how one can certainly make a change in their skin.

Working with microcurrent and LED is what Audra specializes in and loves to share with her clients. “It’s amazing what a whisper of electrical current and shedding some light onto your cells will do.” she says.  By using different modalities in her “esthetic toolbox” and educating her clients, she shows how one can age gracefully by regenerating, repairing and reversing the aging process.

Because of her dedication and love for the beauty industry, she has gained the credibility and loyalty of her clients and is a true master of all services offered. All of your skin care needs can be met by simply putting your face in Audra’s hands and having a perfect skin care ritual just for you.

Through the eyes of Audra
“ I feel fortunate to have a profession that I truly enjoy.  Whether it’s giving a treatment that helps a client relax or a treatment that offers added confidence is why I love what I do.  The looks that I get when I tell people that part of my services include ‘Brazilian waxes for a living…well…it’s priceless.’”

Amongst her many interests, Audra enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, gardening and being creative.

Member: ABMP, ASCP

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