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Aging Gracefully With Vitamin C

Aging Gracefully Is Easy With Topical Vitamin C

You care about your skin and it shows! You have a regimen; you wear sunscreen, get facials, and you’re staying nice and hydrated in the summer heat.  But as we age, and we all do, you may want to start considering other weapons to add to your arsenal in the real fight against premature wrinkles and dull skin..

Aging Gracefully With Vitamin CAdding a topical serum or cream to your daily routine will make an enormous difference; it’s about 20% more effective than vitamins alone! Because our skin is affected by external factors, such as UV rays, cigarette smoke, and even harsh skin cleansers, topical Vitamin C is the most useful weapon in combating these damaging pollutants. Applying Vitamin C directly to your face will be the most effective tool in your journey towards aging gracefully.

At Timeless Skin Spa, we’re committed to helping you look your best, which is why we carry our own line of topical Vitamin C products such as Vita C Silk – a light weight lotion that feels and smells amazing. It features three forms of Vitamin’s C and E to magnify its antioxidant and anti-aging collagen building powers, along with adding an extra layer of protection against free radicals. We also carry Pep C Silk – an emollient perfect for drier skin that helps correct, restore, and re-contour the skin while visibly firming and smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


rejuvanating-facialWe know that keeping your skin looking youthful is just as important while you’re traveling this summer, so we even carry a travel size Vita C Silk; you’ll never miss a day!  If you’re ready to take advantage of Vitamin C, a long time skin superstar when it comes to aging gracefully, stop by Timeless Skin Spa today to see how it can work for you! If you want to start your new regimen with a rejuvenating facial, you can make an appointment online, or stop by anytime.
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