Shaded Eyebrows

Shaded brows are created by tattooing a soft shadow of color in the eyebrows.  Shaded brows are also known as a powder fill eyebrow or stippling. This beautiful technique mimics your eyebrow pencil or powder. It fills in eyebrows with colors ranging from light (blonde) to dark (brown) colors which vary in transparency and color saturation. Ombre, gradient effects and color options are endless. Shading or the eyebrow stippling can be done by hand or machine. We offer both for their different effects. Shading or stippling effects can be transparent like using watercolor or it can be more solid. Most natural will be a semi-transparent application that creates a shadow of see-through color. When thinking of transparency and color saturation, think of how you apply your eyebrow pencil or powder; a more natural look with your skin still showing through your makeup, or heavier application with no skin showing. Shading has a nice fade away and gradually gets lighter.