Lip Correction After 10 Years!

*This post first appeared on 2/2/13, and was written by Jill Hoyer.



Lip Correction


This client had such a painful permanent lip procedure with another technician she had to stop the procedure half done. She later had a stroke and her lip liner was too difficult to draw. Ten years had gone by before this client reluctantly sought help to finish what she had started. Jill Hoyer, Permanent Makeup Artist for Timeless Skin Spa, restored her permanent lip line using a gentle technique. During her procedure she was completely comfortable and satisfied with the end results. She will need 1-2 more visits to detail the lip design & color. Choose your technician wisely! This lip correction was just what the client needed to finish what was started, and look and feel her best!



Christina Molcillo

I'm an experienced creative writer with an MFA and a background developing online content. This includes blogging, social media, articles, and press releases. I'm a current member of the National Writers Union, and the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors. I'm also a client of Jills, and am pleased to help craft personal and informative articles about all the services Timeless Skin Spa has to offer!

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