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Microblading versus Permanent Makeup

What’s Better: Microblading versus Permanent Makeup?

Blended Brows™Is microblading or permanent makeup a better choice for my eyebrows? Everyday clients come in and say this: “I want microblading for my eyebrows”. I open and honestly explain what Microblading is during a complimentary consultation. Most of the time by the time I’m done explaining my client wants what I call a “blended brow”.

Microblading is just one permanent makeup hair stroke technique. It’s one way to do the brows. Many artists have only learned this one-way cookie cutter approach. In order to be the best artist, your artist should be able to deliver several techniques based on client’s skin type and overall eyebrow goals.

Incorporating any hair stroke technique, whether microblading or machine stroking, adds dimension to the brow. However, the hair strokes can be detected on the skin if they don’t blend into existing hair. Using a blended approach will hide the strokes if you don’t have the hair. I like to call it “Stroke and Hide”. No one wants to see “tattooed” lines on their forehead.

For microblading, we use a group of inline needles and –  to say it nicely –  we place the needles on the skin and “glide” through the skin in a hair like direction. Yes, it’s a cut. This micro cut holds pigment for a short time and then it will need to be done again. Depending on the skin type this can be a short 3, 6,  or 9 months. So the question is how many times can we do this to the skin without scarring? It’s hard to say- but it is something I weigh heavily when doing the microblading versus a machine hair stroke; which doesn’t cut the skin. Machine strokes aren’t perfect either. They last and about 6 months -1 year and also blur in the skin.

I find that if I blend techniques and don’t rely too heavily on the strokes I will have the best brow result for my client. Many times I will start with a super soft washed out background color, and clients like this so much we may decide not to stroke. Or, if we do the strokes, they are an accent and blend into the soft shading.

Microblading is a tool in my arsenal of techniques, and it may or may not be right for your skin. If your artist is experienced, they can decide which techniques to recommend for you.

Permanent Makeup Artist – Jill Hoyer
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