Permanent Makeup Training


I’ve been offering permanent makeup training to other artists in the form of an online platform. After speaking about tattoo needles (which I love), I developed an online course, Inside Needle Knowledge, I.N.K., all about tattoo needles.

Developing the course has definitely further enhanced the way I think about needles and the way I use them. There are so many new ones on the market today and it’s a lot of fun to learn about the new configurations and advancements.  With new needles come new techniques and my mind never seems to stop thinking of how I can incorporate the newer tattoo needle cartridges into my artistry in order for better results for my clients.

With all the different options today, I do see a difference in the healing time of procedures and better color retention than just a couple years ago. So if you are a new client or need a maintenance visit, it’s a great time to get permanent makeup and if you’re a PMU student you will find the I.N.K. course about needle theory a must- take class.

Jill Höyer
Permanent Makeup Artist
16 years experienced