Permanent Makeup FAQ

Permanent Makeup FAQ

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What is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics is the sophisticated process of inserting pigment permanently into the skin. Procedures include the eyebrows, eyeliner and lip areas.
This ancient practice combined with today’s methods of application safely enhances your natural beauty.


Who Benefits from Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics benefit many people. Some women are too busy to apply makeup and want to look their best all day or they may find it physically difficult to apply makeup (due to poor eyesight, impaired motor skills, or unsteady hands).
Active and athletic people, as well as those with oily skin or little defining facial hair also benefit from the smudge-free and lasting effects of permanent cosmetics.


What to Expect?

During a consultation with Jill, your medical history, design and color goals are addressed. Your permanent cosmetic procedure is a safe process conducted by a well-trained technician that follows the strictest OSHA sanitation and sterilization guidelines. Jill has her Environmental Health Permit which is mandatory in Santa Clara County.


Permanent cosmetics is applied by various methods, we incorporate the use of a state of the art machine with a one time use cartridge system and a hand tool method allowing us the most customized outcome.


Immediately following your procedure your color will appear darker. In the following 1-3 weeks your skin will exfoliate about 20-30% of the color, (sometimes more depending on your skin type).You must follow the after care directions so that your permanent cosmetic design can properly heal.


At approximately one month after your procedure you will have a touch up visit. Color and design adjustments can be made at this time. This touch up visit is very important and required before it can be determined that your procedure is complete.


Does it Hurt?

I often get asked this during the permanent makeup consultation. Of course the answer is relevant to your pain tolerance and your communication ability. Here’s how it works: A topical numbing made for especially for our industry is used prior the procedure.


After a light pass of tattooing and the skin is “broken” or “open”, a secondary anesthetic is applied and can be continuously applied during the procedure if needed. So you should be fairly comfortable and should feel mostly pressure during the procedure.


At times you may feel a pinch or two but that’s when communication on your part comes on. As I’m working, I check in with you to see how your doing. If you need more anesthetic I apply more. In our experience clients report that any discomfort is minimal. In the end, communication is the best way to stay ahead of the pain.


How 'Permanent' is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics is applied with the intention of permanency. Factors including sun exposure, medications, skin care products, and the skins ability to hold color will affect the color of your design.


Some fading may occur and clients may choose to return for a color touch up within 2-5years. Generally speaking, the lighter the color the quicker it fades. However, that certainly isn’t a reason to have a really dark, stenciled look applied to your brows! A “natural look” approach is best.


Who Can't have Permanent Cosmetics?

Although most people can have permanent makeup, if your taking certain blood thinning medications, aspirin, take vitamins A, E, or fish oil, use Latisse or other eyelash/eyebrow growth products( stop 2 weeks prior), drink alcohol (including wine), you will be asked to refrain from these for a few days prior the procedure.
You should also stop use of Retin-A and glycolics a couple days in advance.


For certain types of glaucoma and other eye issues it’s always best to ask your doctor.

  • If you have a history or Herpes you will need to take an antiviral prior to having your lips done.
  • If you’ve had a shingle outbreak in the area of the procedure it is advised not to have the procedure.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers need to wait to have permanent makeup until finished.
  • Accutane users must wait 6mo – 1 year after stopping before they can have permanent makeup.

    * Never stop medications unless indicated by your doctor.


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