Permanent Makeup Lips

permanent makeup lips

Permanent Makeup Lips

Lips can say a lot or just a little… just as permanent lip color can be applied (a lot of color or just a little). The most natural outcome is to match your natural lip color and restore the color loss.

You will most likely still wear lip-gloss or lipstick to give the lips a sheen. There are many design approaches, which are individual to each person’s desired outcome. We do a design and color consultation for each person.

Design options may include:

∼ Lip Liner
Defines the vermillion border only. Can be a soft or defined line.

∼ Lip Line+
An extension of your natural lip line, focusing on both the vermillion border and the lip tissue inside the vermillion border. This procedure balances uneven shaped lips and restores your natural lip color resulting in shape and color restoration for the lip.

∼ Full Lip
Although a full lip is not always necessary, if you’ve lost all over lip color or have very pale, a full lip procedure will benefit you.

∼ Please Note ∼

* All procedures shown are client’s of Jill Hoyer, and each person has given
his or her written consent to show these images publicly.


cpcpspcpascpPermanent Makeup Lips requires a consultation!
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