Permanent Makeup Training

permanent makeup training

Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Training is available for advanced students at our convenient location in Santa Clara Valley, Bay Area, Ca. Classes are private and you must show proof of your basic training, insurance and BBP certificate.

If you are currently working and need help with your permanent eyebrow work, this class will advance the artistic and technical aspects of your brow work. Important concepts of creating beautiful brows such as design, color, and direction and space (for hairline strokes) are covered in class. However, class time is your time and can be customized to focus on your learning style and needs. Techniques include eyebrow shading /powder fill, hairline strokes, full fill and various other methods of eyebrow options.

This is a power packed day of information, tips and tricks and hands on. Machine or hand tool options available.

Jill instructs areola pigmentation to advanced students and medical personnel who may perform the procedure under a doctor.
Curriculum includes aspects from consultation-procedure to billing practices.
Machine or manual hand methods available for learning.

* We look forward to training with you!

*Due to private practice priority, Jill has suspended advanced brow training*

permanent makeup training instructorJill’s national and international instructor trainings give her an edge and an “East meets West” approach to permanent eyebrows. She instructs permanent makeup to advanced students. Including design aspects, the focus is on creating realistic eyebrows with the hair stroke technique and shading.
areola pigmentationJill instructs areola re-pigmentation to advanced students and medical personnel who may perform the procedure under a doctor. Curriculum includes aspects from consultation-procedure to billing practice.
Watch some medical tattoos.

wow browIf you are serious about brow training you may contact Jill.

Meanwhile, Jill’s advice to success is:
“Practice, precision, patience and draw draw draw! 
Her signature service is creating “a wow brow, one hair at a time”… read Jill’s clients opinions

We are privileged to receive referrals from several San Francisco Bay Area doctors including plastic surgeons, here’s a few:

R. Laurence Berkowitz M.D.
Diplomate, American Board Of Plastic Surgery Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Melody Lynd, M.D.
Plastic Surgery
Beautiful Intentions

Robert D. Foster M.D.
UCSF Medical Center
Breast Care Plastic Surgery

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Speaking and Industry Events

Spring - 2016 - Advanced Brow Workshop San Diego, CA
Fall - 2015 - SPCP Convention Long Beach, CA
Fall - 2014 - Guest Trainer Tustin, CA
Spring - 2014 - Breast and Brow Seminar Los Angeles, CA
Spring - 2013 - SPCP Convention Las Vegas, NV
Winter - 2012 - San Jose, CA
Fall - 2012 - SPCP Convention Philidelphia, PA
Spring - 2012 - San Diego CA
Spring - 2012 - SPCP Convention Albuquerque, NM
Fall - 2011 - SPCP Convention Memphis, TN
Spring - 2011 - San Diego, CA

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