Permanent Makeup Video

permanent makeup video

Permanent Makeup Video

Timeless Skin Spa’s permanent makeup video, will visually show you that permanent makeup is the sophisticated process of inserting pigment permanently into the skin. Procedures include the eyebrows, eyeliner and lip areas. This ancient practice combined with today’s methods of application safely enhances your natural beauty. On this videos we would like to show you some permanent makeup, so you understand what it’s all about.

Permanent Makeup is applied with the intention of permanency. Factors including sun exposure, medications, skin care products, and the skins ability to hold color will affect the color of your design.

Some fading may occur and clients may choose to return for a color touch up within 2-5years. Generally speaking, the lighter the color the quicker it fades. However, that certainly isn’t a reason to have a really dark, stenciled look applied to your brows! A “natural look” approach is best

Permanent Makeup Video:

  • Permanent Makeup Hairline Stroke Eyebrows
  • Permanent Makeup for Lips-Watch them grow!
  • Trichotillomania Eyebrow Success
  • Combination Brow
  • 10 techniques in 50 seconds

We expect to do some more permanent makeup videos in the future… 

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