3 Products for Keeping Your Skin Glowing This Holiday Season

It’s December, which means Winter is officially here, and your skin may not be too happy about this.

Glowing Holiday SkinBesides the cold drying out the sensitive skin on your face, the Holidays often brings stress, late nights, parties, and the chance you’ll be in an environment where people may be smoking. These internal, and external, factors can work together to dry your skin out, chap your lips, and dampen your natural rosy glow!

Luckily, Timeless Skin Spa has three tried-and-true products to help exfoliate, moisturize, and protect the skin on your face to make sure you look your best with glowing Holiday skin no matter how many parties you have lined up. Let’s take a look;

MD Smooth:

A blend of volcanic microcrystals uncovers fresh, new skin. This is an at-home alternative for skin that can’t tolerate microdermabrasion machine treatments. May be used in conjunction with machine treatments to prolong effects. This scrub helps exfoliate dry skin before you hydrate it with…

Lipid Drops:

This cold pressed oil that will not cause breakouts (hooray!) Lipid drops can be used before your moisturizer or added to it for an added boost.
It works to bathe skin cells in a blend of barrier-repair plant oils. This versatile oil super-charges your existing moisturizers and masques.

Prime Plus:

A velvety feeling serum & primer in one that helps protect the skin while letting it breath, smoothes rough porous skin, and fine surface lines. The perfect base for makeup. Also used for wound healing, improving scar appearance, and post laser or peels. This elixir is also a perfect base for makeup and acts as a moisture barrier in extreme cold weather.

If you’re ready to take control of your skin this Holiday season, pick any of these three products up online, or stop in today to check out our other professional skincare products. If you’re looking for a gift to give this season, you can win twice – buy a $150 Gift Certificate for someone on your list and receive $25 off our products! Talk about a stress reliever!



Christina Molcillo

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