What is a “Feather Shaded Eyebrow”?

*This article written by artist Jill Hoyer
What is a 'Feather Shaded Eyebrow'?When it comes to permanent makeup eyebrow techniques, there are many. Many artists name their own techniques, and this can confuse the clients seeking to have their eyebrow permanently or aka, semi-permanently tattooed.

For me as an artist, I like to combine techniques to ensure a softer more natural look for the eyebrows. After a consultation, we will decide what look you prefer. It may be “Soft Edge Shading” – a more filled in look but with soft edges, and perhaps even some hair strokes over the shading for a 3D dimensional look. Or, it might be some “Feather Shading” – dimensional shading with hair strokes.


Feather Shaded Eyebrow
In the end, if you choose to incorporate hair strokes or microblading, just remember that ‘hair strokes’ are tattooed lines, so it’s best to combine them with other techniques to keep them “quiet”, so to speak. You don’t want someone to see tattooed lines on your forehead!
Don’t get too confused…as your Brow artist, I will help you decide what techniques will work best with your skin type and fit your needs and lifestyle.



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