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Timeless Skin Spa

About Us

Jill Hoyer

Jill Hoyer, Permanent Makeup Artist

Jill Hoyer, is the founder-owner of Timeless Skin Spa and has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years.

Jill started her beauty career off with an esthetics background and for more than 20 years, she has dedicated herself to the permanent makeup industry including researching, writing articles, speaking, and training. As a renowned artist, she continues her personal education, refines her multitude of techniques and takes advantage of the best devices, colors and needle technology available today.

The Experience

Timeless Skin Spa offers exceptional permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing in a boutique style atmosphere in Los Gatos, California which is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, just a few miles south of San Jose.

Pure dedication and education ensures quality, expert procedures.

We believe that beauty should be timeless, not time-consuming. We pride in creating personalized, safe and effective procedures each time you visit.

Our permanent cosmetics professional, Jill Hoyer, embodies safe and modern procedure techniques. She sets herself to high education standards for her craft…not because she is required to, but rather because she is committed to excellence in her craft.

What You Can Expect

You will enter a comfortable boutique setting where you are valued at a personal level. Everything we do aims to sincerely give you a positive, uplifting experience through our quality services and products. We want our clients to feel that they found a special place, something unique, something personal, something real.

Our Professionals

Jill Hoyer


Jill says, “As an artist, working with design, color and making a difference in the lives of others everyday is very fulfilling. Jill’s specialized trainings in permanent makeup has given her the ability to work on a diverse clientele.

She says, “what permanent makeup can do for clients is amazing, especially in the cases where clients have lost eyelashes or eyebrow hair due to stress, aging, hormones or cancer.”

Jill also receives referrals by local plastic surgeons for areola restoration, which is an important step after a client has been through breast cancer and is in the final stages of reconstruction.

Jill’s experience in skin care led her to Permanent Cosmetics, which she solely provides today.

As a business owner, Jill is devoted that each client receives a “timeless experience”.

Amongst her many interests, Jill enjoys running, spending time with family, traveling and researching the latest in the industry.


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