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Jill Hoyer

Permanent Lips

A pre-consultation is a must for the lips
You can come in person or email a photo of your lips to the artist Jill Hoyer

Permanent Lip Color

permanent lip colorIf you think about doing the lips with permanent makeup more as a color restoration procedure, the outcome will be natural and your lips will appear fuller.

The goal is to match  and even out your natural lip color. If desired, the chosen color can lean towards a color you normally wear.
You will most likely still wear gloss or lipstick to give the lips a sheen.

Design options may include

▸ Lip Line+
The focus of color is on both the vermillion border and the lip tissue just inside the vermillion border. This procedure balances uneven shaped lips and restores your natural lip color resulting in shape and color restoration for the lip.

▸ Lip Blush
Although a full lip is not always necessary, if you’ve lost all over lip color or have very pale,the lip blush procedure will benefit you. The lip blush technique keeps the lip border soft and undefined.

All Permanent Makeup Lips Services Requires a Consultation!

▸ Please call: 408-395-7792 
▸ Consultation: Via email form