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Jill Hoyer

Permanent Eyebrows

Design options may include but are not limited to:

Eyebrows are important

permanent eyebrows in Los GatosEyebrows are an important feature, which frame your face and enhance your features. Permanent eyebrows is a great solution for those with sparse, light, no hair, or those who want to enhance their existing eyebrows.
The brows should be designed as symmetrical as possible complimenting your coloring and your face shape. Before starting the actual eyebrow tattoo procedure, the artist, with your assistance, does an eyebrow design. This can sometimes take longer than the permanent eyebrows procedure itself.


You may define and enhance your own eyebrows with a few hair strokes, opt for shaded brows, or combine techniques for a 3D appearance.

3D brows may incorporate shading techniques along with hair stroke effects to create natural permanent eyebrows. This is also great solution for alopecia and trichotillomania conditions.

Please know there is are many design approaches, which are unique to each person’s desired outcome.

* Your consultation includes a design, color, and technique recommendation.

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