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The pixel technique is a permanent makeup method  and when applied to the brows, eyes or lips has a sprinkled effect.  This is a wonderful technique because the ink coverage is less.

Yes, less coverage means that more of the skin shows through the color.  This results in a powdery effect for eyebrows.

The skin space that shows in between the ink can vary depending on how many passes or how much color is “sprinkled” into the skin.

The other benefit of the pixel technique is that it is typically less trauma to the skin and heal times are reduced.  Maybe you’ve recently had a brow maintenance procedure and noticed that you didn’t need to take cover and hide the initial dark color or stay low when the flakes start.   Overall the jet darkness and flakes are greatly reduced.

I love this technique and have incorporated it with all the other ways I do permanent makeup techniques. Overall the combination of all the techniques I do are beneficial when working on a variety of skin types and desired goals for each person.

Jill Hoyer
Experienced PMU Artist 16 years

jillhoyer IG




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