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Your Guide to Permanent Makeup: Brows, Eyeliner, and Lips

Permanent Makeup: How Many Sessions Do You Need?

From Brows to Lips, Here’s What You Can Expect From Your Tattooing Experience


permanent makeup

Cosmetic tattooing isn’t just about enhancing beauty — it’s a revolutionary

approach that minimizes daily beauty routines while maximizing aesthetics. 

Today, permanent makeup has become increasingly popular due to the promise of long-lasting, natural-looking results

From fuller brows to vibrantly tinted lips, there are different procedures out there designed to highlight your natural beauty and streamline your daily makeup ritual. But no two procedures are the same — and not all skin types are the same either.

Here’s how each of these techniques is different and what you can expect from your first time.

Why Is Each Procedure Different?

Permanent makeup isn’t a one-size-fits-all art. Each area of our face has unique characteristics — from the skin’s thickness to its texture — that not only affect the methods and tools professionals use but also influence the healing process and the final outcome. 

Let’s break down why each procedure needs its own tailored approach:

  • Skin thickness: Our face is made up of varying skin thicknesses. For instance, the eyelids have some of the most delicate and thinnest skin on the face. This requires a different technique from what’s used on the brows or lips, which have sturdier, thicker skin.
  • Skin texture: The texture of our skin — whether it’s oily, dry, or a combination — plays a pivotal role in how it reacts to cosmetic tattooing. Each skin type interacts with inks and treatments differently, both of which can affect how the tattoo looks immediately after the procedure and how long it lasts.
  • Treatment area: The area of the face being treated also determines the procedure needed. Whether it’s the brows, eyelids, or lips, each area has its own needs and characteristics, requiring specific tools and methods for the best results.

The 3 Most Popular Cosmetic Tattooing Procedures

Cosmetic tattooing has paved the way for lasting beauty solutions, eliminating the need for repetitive daily makeup rituals. With technology and expertise converging, today’s procedures offer precision, durability, and natural-looking results. 

From defined brows to expressive eyes and luscious lips, let’s explore the top three procedures that have taken the beauty industry by storm — and all of the aftercare instructions you need to keep in mind.

Permanent Brows

The journey to permanent brows starts with meticulous brow mapping to ensure a symmetrical design tailored to each individual face. 

Then, depending on the desired effect and individual preference, the artist will choose a specific technique — from shaded brows to hair stroke eyebrows — and carefully deposit pigment into the skin. This procedure will take roughly 2-3 hours.

Once the tattooing is complete, a final review is conducted to ensure the results are aligned with the client’s facial features and expectations.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Most often, brow shading techniques require 2 sessions. The initial session is to lay down the shape and pigment. A follow-up session — typically scheduled 4-6 weeks after the first — helps fill in any areas where the pigment may not have taken well and to refine the final look.

Results can last from 1-3 years.

Healing and Aftercare

It’s crucial to keep the freshly tattooed area free from water and sweat for 7-10 days. During this period, applying a recommended ointment will not only soothe but also protect the brows. 

Makeup, especially on the brows, should be avoided for at least a week. Lastly, while some scabbing, dryness, or flaking is a natural part of the healing process, you should avoid picking or scratching the area in order to prevent any damage.

Permanent Eyeliner

Black tattooed eyeliner for blue eyes
Blue eyes with black thin eyeliner

Achieving that perpetual “just-done” look of permanent eyeliner begins with determining the desired style. Whether it’s a subtle lash enhancement or a more defined liner, once the style is fixed, the eyelid area is treated with a numbing cream for maximum comfort. 

With precision and care, the artist will begin tattooing along the lash line, ensuring the liner looks seamless and captivating. This procedure will take approximately 1 hour.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Permanent eyeliner generally requires 1-2 sessions to achieve the desired results. The initial session creates the line, and a touch-up session might be needed to perfect the look or intensify the color.

If well-cared for, results can last up to 5 years.

Healing and Aftercare

In the days following the procedure, it’s advised to avoid rubbing or touching the eyes excessively. Additionally, mascara or any form of eye makeup should be avoided for a week. Some mild swelling can occur, but this can be alleviated with cold compresses. 

It’s also essential to ensure the area remains clean and to postpone any eye-related treatments until it’s fully healed.

Permanent Lips

pink permanent lips
Custom permanent lip color for a lip blush

For those looking to restore shape and color, the permanent lips procedure begins with a discussion about the preferred lip style — be it a full lip shading or a light lip liner. After gently exfoliating the lips to ensure a clean canvas, your artist will begin the procedure. 

Once prepped, a numbing cream is applied for a smooth, discomfort-free experience. During the tattooing process, attention is given to even color distribution, ensuring the lips achieve the desired shape and hue. 

The permanent lip procedure can take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Lip blushing or shading typically requires 2-3 sessions. The initial session sets the tone and shape, while subsequent sessions enhance the color depth and even out the pigment. 

Depending on the desired depth of color and individual healing, some might require an additional session.

Depending on your level of care, permanent lips can last between 2-5 years.

Healing and Aftercare

Following the treatment, it’s not uncommon for the lips to feel dry or slightly chapped, and a recommended moisturizing balm will aid in the healing process. It’s also a good idea to avoid spicy foods and hot drinks for a few days, as well as excessive lip movements — like puckering — should be kept to a minimum immediately after the procedure. 

Always remember to protect the lips from direct sun exposure, as prolonged UV exposure can lead to faster color fading.

Still have unanswered questions? Head over to our FAQ section for a more detailed look to help guide your decision. 

Taking the Next Step in Your Beauty Journey

Cosmetic tattooing offers a beautiful blend of artistry and practicality that can give you the satisfaction of waking up  — even after you’ve slept in — with a morning routine that requires minimal effort. 

However, taking the plunge requires a touch of knowledge and research to make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect. After all, each procedure is tailored to suit individual needs — from fuller brows to plush lips and eyes that stand out. 

Are you ready to embrace cosmetic tattooing? Get in touch with Timeless Skin Spa to learn more about our services and embark on a journey towards enhanced natural beauty.