Your Mom Won’t Hate This Tattoo! The Benefits Of 3D Areola Medical Tattooing For Breast Cancer Survivors

Bay Area doctors have recently taken notice of a special type of tattooing; the 3D areola tattooing Jill Hoyer has done for breast reconstructions patients has drawn attention from doctors and patients alike. A physician at a local Kaiser was so impressed that his interest led to a partnership between Timeless Skin Spa and San Jose Kaiser Medical Group. This collaboration makes sure that this service is covered by insurance for the women who need it the most.

Refining her artistic skills with the study of shadow and light brings the meaning of 3D areola tattooing to a new dimension. The artist doing this type of work must go above and beyond to create an effect that is truly lifelike. It’s now possible, with the right training and skill set, to create and enhance the areola nipple complex after breast reconstruction due to cancer.

At Timeless Skin Spa, we know that an important part of the healing process, especially after something as invasive as a mastectomy, isn’t just feeling physically better – it’s about feeling emotionally well, and confident with one’s body. Jill’s artistic ability and the care she shows to each client who’s dealt with this procedure makes a big difference in that client’s journey towards recovery. It’s giving back what cancer stole, and that’s a big deal!

If you or someone you know is interested in Medical Areola Tattooing, please give us a call, or stop by anytime to chat. We’d love to see you!



Christina Molcillo

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