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Permanent Makeup – Downtime

Permanent Makeup: What’s The Downtime?

Permanent Makeup is a huge timesaver for your busy lifestyle; it allows you the luxury of having more time to spend doing really important things without worrying about your makeup. A little bit of powder, a touch of lipgloss, and you’re ready for the day without worrying if your eyeliner’s smeared or your lipcolor’s worn off.

However, while the end result can be beautiful, natural looking, and even a confidence booster, there is a short initial ‘downtime’ that needs to be followed after getting it done. How long depends on which procedure you’ve had: eyebrowseyelinerlipliner, or full lipcolor. ‘Downtime’ doesn’t mean that you have to hide away while you heal, on the contrary! You can go out as usual, but you need to be careful about what you expose your skin to. After all, permanent makeup is a tattoo, which should be treated as carefully as a minor wound. Apply ointment to prevent drying and cracking, avoid sunbathing or tanning beds, skip the hot tub for a few days, and, if you’ve had your lips done, definitely no smoking or spicy foods! These preventative measures will help keep your pigment brighter longer, as well as ensure a clean outcome at the end of the healing process, reducing the need for extensive touch ups.

This chart shows you the ‘downtime’ you can expect for each procedure;


Download Post-Care-Chart.pdf PDF.

As you can tell, the amount of time needed to heal is short compared to a lifetime of flawless makeup! If you’re interested in seeing what permanent makeup can do to help you look your best from morning until night stop by Timeless Skin Spa today to speak with our professional artist, Jill Hoyer! Please give us a call to set up a consultation or stop by anytime.
We’d love to see you!
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