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It’s Summer! No Matter How Hot It Gets, Our Permanent Makeup Won’t Smear Away!

Here at Timeless Skin Spa we want to help you get ready to celebrate the summer by taking care of your skin, and taking care of yourself!  One of the most important things you can start with is a good titanium and or zinc based sunscreen to protect your skin and your permanent eyebrows from the harmful effects of the sun. Applying a base coat of sunscreen to your face before applying your makeup will help protect and soften your skin, while also creating a great base layer for your foundation.  Another quick tip is to use a thin coat of topical vitamin C in the morning before applying your sunscreen. This will help make your sunscreen more efficient at blocking the sun’s rays, and keep your skin happy!

Another helpful trick for keeping your look fresh through sweat and dips in the pool this summer is to consider permanent makeup. We specialize in natural, permanent solutions to help enhance your look and help you avoid smudged eyeliner, faded lipstick, and disappearing eyebrows. You spend a lot of time every day making sure your eyebrows are perfect, your eyeliner’s in place, and your lipstick is fresh.  But within a few summer hours all that makeup is gone! Permanent makeup is the solution to making sure your look is picture perfect; not just in summer, but all year round.

Imagine: waking up in the morning, washing your face and only needing a light foundation or bit of powder and you walk out of the house looking completely put together!  We have plenty of glowing reviews from satisfied customers who can’t believe how fantastic their makeup looks, year after year.  No more lipstick smears on napkins, no more runny eyeliner, and no more needing to take time out of your busy day for a touch-up.

Permanent Makeup For SummerOne of our favorite testimonials comes from a customer who recently had her brows done.  Brows are key in making the face look balanced, and hers had been almost nonexistent.  She hadn’t gone swimming in 12 years because of how self conscious she had been when her makeup would wash off. But, with her new, permanent makeup, she has a whole new outlook!  She can now enjoy swimming, outdoor activities, and all the other summertime fun she’d been missing out on. We love hearing stories like this, and love being a part of helping making it happen!

If you’re interested in how permanent makeup can make a change in both your look and your outlook, stop by Timeless Skin Spa to set up a complimentary consultation, or try our Consult Via Email feature. The always-perfect, smear free, smudge free look you’ve been waiting for is ready when you are!


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