Victoria’s Permanent Eyebrows


Victoria's Permanent Eyebrows

Victoria’s Permanent Eyebrows

Victoria’s permanent eyebrows have eliminated the  tedious job of her drawing her brows on which she’s done she was 13 years old. Now 14 years later she’s enjoying her new look on life. Lindsay explains the benefits for her:

– getting ready fast

-her face is much better framed

-she feels more confident with out makeup and doesn’t have the worry of the “disappearing brows” during her gym workouts.

Victoria’s friends and family say she is lower maintenance and easier to hang out with since she doesn’t take over an hour to get ready.

If you want to see Victoria Beebe’s brows in person visit her at Atelier Studio in Santana Row where she is a hairdresser.

Since Victoria’s brows were sparse to start with; we decided to do a combination of permanent makeup techniques which included hair strokes and soft shading. With a new shape in place its easy to know exactly where to tweeze outside of the permanent makeup.



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