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Top 3 Questions Asked During A Permanent Makeup Consultation

What Are The Top 3 Questions Asked During A Permanent Makeup Consultation?

Top 3 Questions Asked During A Permanent Makeup Consultation

When an individual is deciding to have whether or not to have permanent makeup done, there’s usually a list of questions they have, and the whole process can seem overwhelming for anyone who’s not familiar with it.

Permanent makeup artist Jill Hoyer is happy to take the time to answer any questions or concerns a client has and has compiled a short list of the three questions every client usually asks.

Now you’ll have some of the easier answers before coming in for a consultation, and can focus on some of the more personal questions you may have about your procedure, specifically. Here are her answers to the top three questions almost every client asks her;

1) Can you make it look natural?

Jill: “Yes, very natural in fact. It really depends on the client’s overall goal. Some clients want to match their makeup look, and well, that’s not always “natural”- but it’s become their everyday natural that they are used to doing. The high-quality pigments can represent a very light transparent background color and can be applied with various hair stroke techniques such as microblading. The combination of techniques is what my clients like the most.

2) How much is it?

Jill: “The typical range for brow is $575 – $725 depending on the techniques, and design. Usually, there is a 6-week follow-up visit and that is $50. Eyes average at $425 for upper eyes and $350 for lower eyes.

3) How long does it last?

Jill: The more natural brow techniques are enjoyed for 1 – 3 years and 2 – 5 years for eyes and lips. After a couple of years, we basically start over. So permanent makeup does require maintenance, but it’s relatively low maintenance….especially compared to all the other beauty tricks we do to “maintain”.

We offer in-person consultations or done by our Consult Via Email form.
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