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Jill Hoyer, Permanent Makeup Artist
Jill Hoyer

My Background Story…

Hello to both my existing and new clients just finding out about my permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing services. My name is Jill Hoyer, an I’m the founder-owner of Timeless Skin Spa and have been in the beauty industry for over 25 years.

I started my beauty career off with an esthetics background offering skin care and brow waxing designs. For more than 20 years now, I have dedicated myself to the permanent makeup industry including researching, writing articles, speaking, and training other artists, mainly with my online course called Inside Needle Knowledge.  Im very passionate about my  needle choice when it comes to the canvas (your skin) that I’m tattooing.

I continue my personal PMU education adding to my my multitude of techniques and also take advantage of the best devices, colors and needle technology available today.

Many clients ask how it was during the shut down of Covid and I will admit that it was a very challenging time as I wondered if clients would return to having permanent makeup. Im glad that my doubts were proven wrong.  Upon returning it took quite some time to catch up with the permanent makeup demand and I can finally accept more referrals into my schedule.

Timeless Skin Spa had changes after Covid. I no longer have onsite admins or an esthetician. I decided at this point in my career I wanted to work solo and give my place a private studio feel and I absolutely love it

We do offer online booking or my offsite admin will answer calls and texts to our main number, 408.395.7792

When my clients walk through the door I lock it and enjoy so much giving clients all my attention and focus without distractions.

My “new” balance is tattooing 4 days and working on other permanent makeup related content, including industry new products, on my days I don’t tattoo.

Welcome to my private studio Timeless Skin Spa,


You are exactly where you need to be