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Big Brows

Big brows are very in! However, the best long term result is when your brows are drawn to match your face shape.  Some face shapes are petite and others are wide and eyebrow designs should take this into consideration! If you think you want big brows, I highly recommend having them drawn on by a professional and…

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tattoo needles

Understanding Tattoo Needles

Most clients really aren't interested in understanding tattoo needs however, I show clients my tattoo needles before opening the package because it’s required by the health department. A few clients are curious about the needles and others say, "I can’t look".  It might help you to know that we actually tattoo very shallow in the skin…not…

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Tattooing 24/7

My response to the question was, “I tattoo more”, (permanent makeup, microblading etc. are all considered tattooing. The question: Recently, my last client of the day asked me “what I will I do when I get home for the evening?”   In the last years, there has been a huge movement to online classes and artists displaying their…

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