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#1 Permanent Makeup Procedure Request Is Microblading

Microblading is most often requested by clients because of it’s celebrity status and the whole world seems to know about it or know someone who has had it done. Microbalding is still very popular, however, what I’ve noticed lately is clients want a softer look and realize the look of microblading may look more like a tattoo if they don’t have eyebrow hair to disguise the faux tattooed lines.

Many clients also request that they don’t want to do the morning brow makeup routine. This means they want their permanent makeup to look similar to their topical makeup and this is a great soft look if it’s done by the right artist. Permanent makeup techniques today allow just a hint of color, a shadow of color, or a watercolor effect all which will go undetected as a tattoo and pass for a look of makeup.

I often will start the brows with the soft background color then add more dimension and or darker color on a second visit. It’s a great look to layer different techniques unique to each client.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of pointillism in the brows and this adds yet another dimension to my work. Pointillism are basically dots and when done with very small needles have an airbrushed look. It is a no downtime technique. There is no noticeable peeling and clients love the result and the easy healing. It can be added to other techniques including microstroking (hair strokes by machine), microblading to soften the look of the hair strokes and also over previously shaded brows.

blended brow freshWith all of the permanent makeup advances in colors and needle choices, artists can and should be offering a variety of techniques to make brows special and unique to their client’s request.

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