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Rachel’s Eyebrows – Permanent Makeup

Rachel’s Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup is often thought of as an aesthetic procedure, but in truth it’s often a medical one as well.  Some medical procedures such as breast cancer reconstruction, facelift scars, accident scars, and hairline scars can be covered or camouflaged by a highly skilled restorative tattoo artist aka: permanent cosmetics artist. The effect of other medical conditions, such as vitiligo or alopecia, can also benefit from the use of permanent makeup. At Timeless Skin Spa, Jill Hoyer is the professional artist who’s treated individuals with just these concerns.  Here’s a recent case Jill just completed;

My name is Rachel and I’m a 22 year old college student. For 10 years I’ve been struggling with Alopecia (hair loss). But within the last year I lost all of my hair on my head. Just a few months ago my eyebrows starting falling out too.

It took me at least 30 minutes just to draw on “natural” looking brows every day. And even then the brows did not last all day. If I rubbed my face or sweat, it would come right off. All I wanted was to have eyebrows every morning when I woke up. Something that I didn’t even think twice about before became my biggest struggle. I couldn’t even sweat, get wet, or wash my face around anyone anymore. My self esteem plummeted.

My grandma who lost her eyebrows through chemotherapy suggested that I look into getting my eyebrows tattooed. So I did. I yelped eyebrow tattoo places and took a few weeks to find a place that had great reviews. I came across Timeless Skin Spa and read quite a few reviews. Not one person had a complaint about Jill’s work. That’s when I decided to call and book an appointment.

Rachel’s Eyebrows Permanent Makeup


My first appointment couldn’t have gone better. Jill was very honest, understanding and helpful to my situation. It was a fun and painless procedure. She helped me choose the perfect shape and color for my face. I left my appointment as happy as can be. The healing process was easy and wonderful.

I love waking up every morning not having to worry about drawing in my eyebrows. It cut down my stress by a lot.

My friends, coworkers, and family absolutely love my eyebrows! They say it looks very natural and even better than when I had my own eyebrows! I highly recommend eyebrow tattooing to anyone who has hair loss or just wants to have nice looking eyebrows!

Rachel’s Permanent Eyebrows
I am so thankful for Jill and her amazing artistry and care for me. She has not only given me my natural looking eyebrows back, but she boosted up my self-esteem and confidence. I will be a life long customer of Timeless Skin Spa.

If you or someone you know is interested in Permanent Makeup, please take a look at some of the other permanent eyebrows Jill has created, or stop by anytime to chat.
We’d love to see you!



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