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Understanding Tattoo Needles

Most clients really aren’t interested in understanding tattoo needs however, I show clients my tattoo needles before opening the package because it’s required by the health department. A few clients are curious about the needles and others say, “I can’t look”.  It might help you to know that we actually tattoo very shallow in the skin…not deep at all.

Tattoo needles are really like paint brushes that I use to create permanent makeup needles They come in several shapes, sizes and tapers so there are a lot of options and thought that goes into what I choose for specific procedures. We have amazing needle options from both the USA and Europe.

Using 2-3 needles per case is my norm.  I could just use one but it’s more about what will give me the best result and not improvising when I have the” right tool for the job”.

It has taken time and research to understand all the nuances of tattoo needles but it’s something I’ve loved learning about.  Choosing the correct needles to create is a process and a type of visualization that happens in my head.

I see a variety of clients and can’t assume what they want or what needles I will choose until I completely understand their goals, skin type, design options, and technique options. I also think about the layering of colors and the effects (texture/ dimension) I want to create for each procedure.

Lastly, I look at my abundance of tattoo needle choices and pick one that is based on all of that essential information and the tattoo design begins. Jill Hoyer, Permanent Makeup Artist

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