Permanent Makeup

permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup, Micro Pigmentation, Dermal Pigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing, Semi Permanent Makeup. Its all tattooing of the skin. Your complimentary consultation is done in person or via phone if you live out of the Bay Area.

Your Permanent Cosmetics Professional

permanent makeupJill Hoyer is a skillful permanent cosmetic professional who received her intensive training from one of the industry’s top leaders.
She embodies high safetystandards, artistic ideals, and provides quality permanent cosmetic procedures.
She continually advances her education and adheres to professional guidelines outlined and set forth by the leaders of the industry.

Jill believes in offering permanent cosmetics which are designed and applied as an enhancement of the individual’s own features, giving people the confidence of looking their best at all times.

Permanent Cosmetic Procedures Are Popular…

Permanent Makeup continues to gain popularity. Permanent Makeup today is not what it used to be. With advanced devices and education available, permanent makeup is reaching new standards and with local laws set forth by the Health Department, both permanent makeup and the tattooing industry has more rules to follow. “That’s definitely a good thing,” says Jill.

Permanent Makeup involves needles and shouldn’t be done on a whim at just any place by just anyone. Do your research and look for a qualified, well educated, health permitted artist to perform these procedures that’s considered “permanent” but will fade with time. After all, it’s your face.
At Timeless Skin Spa, we believe it’s important for you to meet your artist. Jill offer’s a complimentary consultation to discuss design, color, pricing and other questions you may have. If you live far and would like to consult over the phone we do accept photos via email prior your consultation.

Permanent Makeup Services


We are privileged to receive referrals from several San Francisco Bay Area doctors including plastic surgeons, here’s a few:

R. Laurence Berkowitz M.D.
Diplomate, American Board Of Plastic Surgery Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Melody Lynd, M.D.
Plastic Surgery
Beautiful Intentions

Robert D. Foster M.D.
UCSF Medical Center
Breast Care Plastic Surgery

cpcpspcpascpAll Permanent Makeup Services requires a consultation!
Please call: 408-395-7792
Consultation Form: Consult via email »

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