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The Daily Eyebrow Challenge

*This post first appeared on 8/9/14, and was written by Jill Hoyer

Clients “Asymmetrical” Drawing

eyebrow challenge beforeLike many women, this client struggled everyday to create symmetrical eyebrows. Sometimes our facial morphology or bone structures, or artistic flair make this task difficult. I often hear that women spend 30 minutes a day applying their eyebrows. Permanent makeup can definitely save you time.

Permanent Eyebrows can be done many ways. Heavy, soft, barely there, transparent in color, solid in color, feathery, hair strokes, the combination is endless. My preference is of course the most natural possible….however, that doesn’t always satisfy the clients desire. What permanent makeup goers should understand is that you can always apply just a dash of eyebrow powder or pencil over your permanent makeup when you want more color. Ask yourself this:

“Do you want to wake up everyday feeling like you need to catch up rest of your makeup to your permanent makeup, especially before yoga class, your run or bike ride?”

After Feather Shade Permanent Makeup

Don’t get me wrong, I wear makeup everyday. I just don’t want to have to hide or disguise something relatively permanent.

Somehow our traditional topical makeup resonates just fine in the public eye,however once someone knows you have tattooed brows, liner or lips there is a hesitation of sorts…So make your end goal with permanent makeup natural, pretty, not too heavy…you can always add more. Wake up comfortable.


Close Up- Healed Permanent Eyebrows
eyebrow challenge healed

Of course I don’t always win this “do it more natural” conversation, but I will try.
Jill Hoyer “Prefer it Natural” Permanent Makeup Artist




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