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What permanent makeup technique should you request?

PMU-Permanent Makeup

Do you know what permanent makeup technique should be used for your skin type and desired result?

If you’re a client of mine….
You don’t need to think about this!
Your skin will lead the way. The canvas ( your skin) tells me the best techniques to use and usually it’s a combination of several that will :
❤️Be a natural look you can wake up with, don’t errands, lunch, exercise and hop on a zoom covers most requests.
💃The “going to a party look” is NOT the look most clients would be happy waking up with.

Tell me what you want and I’ll choose your technique based on your SKIN & GOALS. Most of the time doing a soft background color or powder/pixel brow is the most natural, more so than seeing tattooed lines aka micro blading or hair strokes on the skin.

The last thing I want for you is to have harsh lines or edges that show up too much. What I like you to think about is how you want to wake up in the morning.

When it comes to color, there are at least these 2 considerations for you to think about (which we discuss as we get on the same page for your goals).

  • light, medium, or dark color
  • light, medium or heavy in saturation

Amongst other considerations, these will help me as I choose your technique and color and keep your permanent makeup natural.