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Jill’s Tips for Favorite Lips

permanent-makeup-lipsFavorite Lips

Looking at the “before” photo, we see that these are great lips to start with- but look what permanent makeup can do!
Due to age and sun, our natural lip color, shape, and fullness disappears over time.

As we can see in the “after” photo,  restoring the color loss makes lips look fuller and more shapely while still looking totally natural.

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Jill’s Tips for Favorite LipsApplying Permanent Makeup “Outside the lines”?

Some clients like to “cheat” and apply their lip pencil or lipstick outside the vermilion border to achieve fullness, and so Jill sometimes gets asked to do that with permanent makeup. Jill refuses to do so because permanent makeup applied outside your natural lip tissue looks off- like you drank kool-aid and have a stain.

The lip tissue is a different color and a different canvas than the tissue surrounding your lips, so it just doesn’t look good and is a no- no for permanent makeup.

Be conservative and you can always still cheat a little with your makeup. In fact, most clients do wear gloss over their permanent makeup to give lips a little shine, see pictures below



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